Samm Henshaw - Grow

Untidy Soul episode 2.

Directed by Jim Pilling
Written by Samm Henshaw and Jim Pilling
Produced by Francesca Di Muro
Executive Producers - Samm Henshaw and Jim Pilling
Production Company - Vidsett
DOP - Rik Burnell
Production Designer - Bianca Zehra
Stylist - Carlotta Constant
Stylist - Phoebe Butterworth
Stylist - Lily McMurry
Stylist Assistant - Emilia Gayner
Stylist Assistant - Laetitia Ifonge
Make Up - Chloe Rose
Make Up - Cherise Renee
Hair - Lu’s Curls
1st AD - Joe Mulvihill
Focus Puller - Emily Jane Robinson
Loader - Max Openshaw
Camera Trainee - Alfie Brown
Gaffer - Nathan Ford
Spark - Marcus Kartel
Spark - Domizia Saluset
Sound recordist - Adina Istrate
Props Assistant - Roberto Di Muro
Props Assistant - Joseph Humbert
Runner - Fergus Neville
Sound Design + Mix - Ben Hensor
Colourist - Tim Smith at Cheat
Colour Producer - Carla Thomas
VFX - Peque Varela

Sonny - Samm Henshaw
Selah - Tiana Major9
Fred’s Shopkeeper - Blü Gengo
The Messenger - Winston Hayles

Camera supplied by Emmyland
Lighting supplied by Glo Film Lighting
Film Lab - Kodak

Samm Management - JD Management
Tiana Management - Left Lane Management

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